Happy New Year!

The New Year is full of resolutions.  One of the most popular resolution is, “I’m going to eat healthy. “

Here is an example of a quick healthy easy meal to prepare:

Use assorted clean packaged lettuce, fresh whole cucumbers, tomatoes and your favorite dressing. Use organic corn or flour tortilla, they have a good shelf life. If you do not use an organic product that is not a deal breaker. Stock cooked frozen shrimp in your freezer. A good value is the frozen extra large shrimp 26-30 per lb. Usually comes in a 24oz bag.

Shrimp cucumber wrap by Daryll Hersche


1. Cut your cucumber in thin slices, if it is not organic, I would peel the cucumber.

2. Slice the tomato thin or diced

3. Take out 6 to 8 pcs. of the cooked shrimp from the freezer.

They will thaw in about 7 minutes in cold water. You can also take

them out of the bag in the morning and let them thaw in the

refrigerator while you’re at work. Before using the shrimp pat the dry.

Slice the shrimp to the size you desire.

4. Place all your ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour your dressing over the

ingredients and toss in the bowl.

5. Place the mixture on the tortilla and wrap for eating. Yes, healthy and good!


Brochure on counter photo 12-28 16If you have any culinary questions please email me at epicureanaffair@gmail.com

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