Farewell, Mr. King

By / August 23, 2019

Bob King may not be a name everyone in Estero is familiar with, but he worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the quality of…

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LJs corner

LJ’s Corner— Stealth Eavesdroppers

By Web Admin / August 4, 2019

Ever watch those made-for-TV movies? You know, those sappy but happy love stories where the requisite conflict arises between two lovers because one of them…

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Rick Gallo

7 Questions with Rick Gallo, Benefit Auctioneer

By / June 26, 2019

Rick Gallo could be called an “accidental auctioneer,” stumbling upon this secondary (and mostly unpaid) career after stepping up to the mic for a March…

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LJ’s Corner—Memories from the Senses

By / June 26, 2019

As a kid visiting my grandmother, I remember the intoxicating aroma that filled the air surrounding the Wonder Bread factory in Jackson Heights, Queens, just…

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Estero Life Magazine Named ‘Business of the Year’ 2019

By Laura J. C / June 13, 2019

The Estero Chamber of Commerce annually recognizes an outstanding person, business and nonprofit impacting the Estero community in meaningful ways. Estero Life Magazine is honored…

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LJ’s Corner—Slapping Mini-Me

By / May 30, 2019

With age, they say, comes wisdom. This is why I am constantly slapping my younger self…aka. mini-me. If I only knew then what I know…

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Young Inventor Heads to National Competition

By Laura J. C / May 23, 2019

Following his regional win at the Thomas Edison Regional Inventors Fair, Hayden Fuller proceeded to take home the trophy at state competition and is now…

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LJ’s Corner—Drowning in a Sea of Alphabet Soup

By / May 1, 2019

FYI, tried and true acronyms and abbreviations have been with us for decades. In fact, the word “tips” is actually an acronym for ‘“To Insure…

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A Lovely Tea to Bring in the Spring

By Laura J. C / April 23, 2019

Fresh Ginger & Mint Tea Ingredients Weigh 1 ½ oz. fresh mint on branch, not chopped Weigh 1 3/4 oz. fresh ginger, thinly sliced 1…

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LJ’s Corner: Don’t Walk Backwards

By Laura J. C / April 5, 2019

LJ’s Corner—Ponders From In and Out of My Mind Don’t Walk Backwards… Seems like common sense to not walk backwards. We do it anyway. I…

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125th Anniversary of the Koreshan Unity Settling in Estero

By / April 1, 2019

Koreshan State Park held a community celebration on Feb. 9 to recognize the 125th anniversary of the Koreshan Unity settlement in Estero. Among the many…

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Estero Artist Invited to Prestigious Italian Watercolor Exhibition

By bfehr@support.websitepro.hosting / March 18, 2019

Estero watercolor artist Christine Reichow has been invited to exhibit in the prestigious Fabriano in Acquarello 2019 International Exhibition in Fabriano, Italy. Christine’s painting, “Piccolo…

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