As we close out 2020 and head into a new year, the Village of Estero will mark its sixth anniversary. While 2020 has been a challenging year on many levels, Estero remains in a strong position financially and continues to offer an outstanding quality of life.

Heres a look back at major accomplishments for the Village of Estero in 2020:

Estero community park

Community Development staff has stayed extremely busy throughout the pandemic coordinating land use, zoning, site development and permitting for many new commercial projects within the Village.

Hundreds of Estero residents participated in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process, which prioritizes road and landscaping improvement projects, bike/pedestrian initiatives, parks and recreation projects, and more.

Esteros lean management continues to deliver high value to Estero residents, who enjoy the lowest tax rate in Southwest Florida.

Throughout the pandemic, the Village has provided daily updates on COVID-19 cases in Estero, Lee County and the State of Florida. Additionally, the Village has directed citizens to available coronavirus resources, including where to get testing, on its dedicated website ( and through email alerts.

In the new budget passed for fiscal year 2020-21, about $6.3 million is designated for capital improvement projects. Included is completion of the roadway and landscaping improvements along Estero Parkway.


The Village recently debuted its new, official seal and branding standards. Based on stakeholder input, the seal incorporates elements designed to highlight Esteros distinctive architecture, high landscaping standards and the natural beauty of the Estero River and local wildlife.

Village of Estero Seal

Welcomesigns at Esteros gateways will be coming in 2021.

While community-wide celebrations like the Villages anniversary, the Veterans Day program and the annual tree-lighting ceremony had to be canceled due to the ongoing pandemic, Estero citizens have much to celebrate heading into the new year!

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