Estero Parkway

Estero Parkway

Capital Improvement Project Discussion

The Village is in the process of planning its capital improvement projects for the coming year and wants your input! Village Council held a workshop May 13 to consider which priorities to include in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and will vote on the full CIP in July.

Heres a sneak peek at some of the projects under consideration for the next five years:

Roadway Improvements

Corkscrew Road (east of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway) Widening, street lighting, landscaping and pedestrian enhancements

River Ranch Road Resurfacing, adding shoulders, sidewalks & crosswalks, drainage, Estero High turn lane improvements, Williams Road roundabout, landscaping and street lighting

Bridge maintenance Sandy Lane bridge and Via Coconut Road culvert repairs

Broadway West Resurfacing, widening, drainage, bicycle & pedestrian improvements, landscaping, street lighting

Williams Road (U.S. 41 to Via Coconut) 4-lane widening, street lights & landscaping

Intersection Improvements

U.S. 41 & Williams Road (Atlantic Gulf intersection/Walgreens)

Corkscrew Road & Three Oaks Parkway

Corkscrew Road & Town Commons signal (Lee County project)

Corkscrew Road & Corkscrew Woodlands (Lee County project)

U.S. 41 & Pelican Colony (Lee County project)

New bicycle-pedestrian pathway on Estero Parkway

New bicycle-pedestrian pathway on Estero Parkway

Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements

Coconut Road pedestrian improvements and crosswalk at Old Meadowbrook Blvd. 

Williams Road (Via Coconut to Three Oaks Parkway) Bike/pedestrian improvements

U.S. 41 intersection study for improving bicycle and pedestrian safety

Sandy Lane Construct a shared use path along the east side of the road

Broadway East (U.S. 41 to Sandy Lane) Construct a shared use path and sidewalk

Corkscrew Road shared use path construct a 10-12 foot path from Three Oaks Parkway to Sandy Lane

Coconut Road sidewalk (north side) from Oakwilde Blvd. to Via Coconut Point

Corkscrew Palms Blvd. sidewalks

Via Coconut Point roundabout improvements to add bicycle ramps, expand sidewalks and relocate crosswalk

Landscape Improvements & Monument Signs

Monument signs to identify Village of Estero limits at entry points: U.S. 41, I-75, Three Oaks Parkway, Ben Hill Griffin Parkway & Corkscrew Road

Via Coconut Point landscaping & street lighting

Ben Hill Griffin Parkway landscaping

I-75 landscaping at the Corkscrew Road interchange

Parks & Recreation Improvements

Estero on the River Master Plan Development

Planning process to understand project alternatives and the best possible use of 60 acres along the Estero River (east of Koreshan State Park)

Estero Community Park Expansion Master Plan:

Planning process to identify park expansion and improvement opportunities.

Stormwater Improvements

Estero River North Branch drainage improvements

Utilities Expansion planning (exact areas of improvement have not yet been decided)

Estero River sediment removal

Drainage improvements on U.S. 41 to eliminate sidewalk flooding (Florida Department of Transportation project)

Building Projects

Public works storage facility

Village Hall the current Village Hall is leased; construction of a Village Hall would provide a permanent location.

Performing Arts Center this has been identified as a top community priority


Be a part of the process! Residents are encouraged to participate in public meetings as this important process sets the course for improvements in our community. Stay informed by signing up for Village of Estero emails.


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