The Village of Estero has launched an educational campaign to help Estero residents understand how their actions can affect the environment and local water quality. As part of this initiative, the Village is producing a series of flyers which will be promoted on its social media platforms. The flyers and other helpful links also may be found at the Village’s website for resident education initiatives:

How Estero residents maintain home landscaping, septic tanks and vehicles contributes to the water quality in the Estero River, Estero Bay and beyond. Estero’s stormwater drainage systems discharge into local wetlands, streams and rivers and ultimately flow into Estero Bay. Allowing anything other than rainfall to flow into local drainage systems will ultimately harm the environment and wildlife living in the Southwest Florida ecosystem.


Landscape Maintenance Recommendations

  • Don’t apply nitrogen or phosphorus containing fertilizer between June 1-Sept. 30.
  • Don’t apply fertilizers when rain is in the forecast.
  • Apply only as much water and fertilizer as needed to keep your lawn healthy — lawns don’t have to look green and lush year-round.
  • Use resources provided at to plan and select native or Florida-friendly plants, and plant them in the right location for their shade/sun needs.


Other Ways to Protect the Environment

  • Regularly inspect septic tanks and drain fields to make sure they are functioning properly, and conserve water as much as possible.
  • A septic tank is NOT a trash can. Wastes that can go in the trash should.
  • Fix vehicle leaks as soon as possible so oil and fluids are not picked up by rainfall and transported into the environment.
  • Wash your vehicle at a commercial car wash where they treat and recycle wash water.
  • Prevent common illicit discharges: wastes poured directly into stormwater drainage systems; spilled oil, grease or chemicals; pesticides and fertilizers applied incorrectly; pool or spa water discharges.


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