The Village of Estero took over road maintenance operations from Lee County in January 2017 and is now saving Estero taxpayers $2 million annually while at the same time increasing the level of service on Estero’s roadways.

As a pre-incorporation “donor” community, Estero was paying more than its share for many services, including road maintenance. After taking over the maintenance of 28 roads in Estero, the Village has discovered an annual budget of $600,000 will take care of lawnmaintenance, road upkeep and minor repairs like potholes. This is in contrast to the $2.6 million the Village previously was paying to contract with Lee County for transportation services. In summary, the Village will now have about $2 million available for transportation capital improvements. These funds will be separate from other funds the Village may use for non-transportation projects or land acquisitions.

A Capital Improvement Evaluation prepared by Village staff has identified needed upgrades along Estero’s major roadways and includes estimated costs for those improvements. Additionally, the Village recently completed its Area-Wide Traffic Study. This report, prepared by consultant Kimley-Horn and Associates, evaluates the existing conditions on Estero’s roadways and identifies future problem areas. It will serve as a guide for prioritizing transportation projects for the next 10-20 years.

The first major transportation project will happen along Estero Parkway. This Village-owned thoroughfare needs resurfacing, and many improvements are planned for both safety and aesthetics. The Village solicited input from residents, and about 300 responded indicating their preferences for road layout and landscaping. Bike lanes and pedestrian paths will likely be added. Street lighting, and/or lighting of the pathways may also be considered, although some believe that it is an unnecessary expense.Landscaping enhancements will make Estero Parkway a showcase for what the Village has planned for its roadways in the future. Although the State maintains U.S. 41 and the County maintains Ben Hill Griffin Parkway, Corkscrew Road and part ofThree Oaks Parkway, the Village plans to invest in landscaping for these gateway corridors as well. Also expect to see “Welcome to Estero” signage appearing as part of each project.

If residents have concerns about the condition of a roadway or any other issue, there is now an easy way to let the Village know. The Village has launched a new “Request for Action” page on its website: Here residents can file a request for the Village to address concerns in six categories: Animal Issues, Landscape/Vegetation, Traffic Signal/Signage, Building Violations, Trash/Dumping and Miscellaneous, which includes potholes, excessive noise and flooding issues. Once the Village has addressed the issue, residents will receive a follow-up call or email regarding the outcome. Also on this page, Estero residents will find the “Performance Center,” which contains quarterly reports, a scorecard, response time data and financial information for Public Works. Additionally, this page contains the Village Boundaries Map.

The Village is saving money, increasing levels of service and enhancing communication with its residents. To receive the latest information about Village projects and community activities, go to the Village website and subscribe at


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