NubAbility® Athletics Foundation announced today that the organization’s winter baseball clinic for limb-different children will be returning to Fort Myers Jan. 31 through Feb. 1. The Minnesota Twins will host the first day of activities at their spring training complex, Hammond Stadium. The camp is open to children with congenital or traumatic loss of one or more limbs ages four to 17 who wish to improve their baseball or softball game.

“Our goal is to provide these kids with all of the knowledge and adaptive techniques that they will need in order to thrive in mainstream competition – one-handed glove transfers that vary by difference, modified hitting approaches such as different grips, swings, or stances and for our lower limb athletes adapted footwork so that they can make every play that comes to them,” said NubAbility founder Sam Kuhnert. “Our coaches are also limb-different and they connect with the children on a personal level. We believe the opportunity to develop a relationship with a mentor who looks just like you can be life-changing.”


Shan Donovan attended first baseball clinics NubAbility hosted in Florida. This is his story, told by his mother Cathy Donavan:

“Shan wanted to be a catcher when he showed up at his first NubAbility camp. He wanted the position that had him involved in every pitch. His grandparents took him that year. I’m not sure even the coaches knew at first what to do with a one armed kid who wanted to catch. They did, however, see a driven kid and they went with it. Back home he faced coaches who couldn’t see it but with the support and coaching of NubAbility he became starting catcher for his high school varsity team his sophomore year. In his junior year he was struggling with a coach who didn’t believe he could hit (despite numbers that said otherwise). One of the younger kids from NubAbility and his family showed up at a game. Shan was on fire with that support and it changed his season. He was all conference honorable mention his junior year and all conference his senior year. His senior year he was leading hitter and scored over 1/3 of his team’s runs. He now coaches at NubAbility so kids like him can have coaches who not only believe in them but coach them to an elite level and support them when others doubt.”

The Minnesota Twins have partnered with NubAbility on the Florida camp since 2015. To register for camp or learn more about other programs offered by the foundation, please visit


NubAbility® Athletics Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that operates a national series of camps designed to get children with congenital or traumatic limb loss out of the stands, off the bench and into competitive mainstream sports. The viral video Boy With No Arms Does Box Jump, which received national media attention in 2019, illustrates the power and pride our campers experience when they overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. NubAbility participants leave camp confident they can win at athletics and in life.

Founded in 2011, NubAbility will offer camps in nine states and provide services to more than 400 children in 2020. The organization’s volunteer coaching team is made up of 100 limb-different collegiate and professional athletes in 20 sports. For more information, visit

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