As Father’s Day approaches, many people wonder how they will make the men in their lives feel special this year. While watches are a popular gift choice, how does one go about selecting a watch for a modern man? The main criteria to consider are the man’s purpose for wearing a watch and the functions that would suit his lifestyle. Keep reading for some tips from owner of Modern Made Man and S&B Watches, Robert Marlinski.

Robert MarlinskiAfter graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University’s entrepreneurship program in 2016, Marlinski became a local watch expert as founder of Modern Made Man, a lifestyle brand that invites men to feel confident and stand out from the crowd with timeless accessories.

Marlinski represents just one of many success stories to come out of FGCU’s Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI), a flagship program that helps local students and veterans launch start-up businesses in Southwest Florida. Marlinski began with his own passion for luxury fashion products, particularly watches.

“I was always into watches as a kid,” he says. “My first watch was a Rolex from my grandfather. That’s what really kicked it off for me.”

As Marlinski’s taste for expensive watches grew, he noticed a gap in the market: luxury watches that were affordable for the average man. And so, Modern Made Man was born. Since then, the company has rapidly grown into a thriving small business. The brand offers an array of watches, wallets, bracelets, bags and other exquisite gadgets.

In October 2019, Marlinski expanded his business by acquiring S&B Watches, an American-made watch company that specializes in producing high-quality sports and tactical watches at an affordable price. Initially, S&B served as the main manufacturer for Modern Made Man. After a prosperous three-and-a-half-year relationship with the company, Marlinski has become its owner.

With the coronavirus casting a shadow on many businesses, Marlinski is experiencing some of the same challenges as other retailers, but his focused determination has allowed Modern Made Man and S&B to continue to grow. To help other small businesses keep operating during the pandemic, Marlinski has leveraged S&B’s factories and established supply chains to distribute face masks to small businesses across the country.

Selecting a watch for the man in your life

Watches can range from delicate-yet-bold fashion statements to functional task watches that can be submersed in the sea. The right watch will depend on what the man is seeking from a watch. Is it a flashy accessory for a special occasion or a functional tool to tell time? Is he often out in the elements, or does he sit in an office most days? Make sure the watch reflects the man’s unique personality and lifestyle.

Atlantis A2 Dive Watch blue facePlaying off these considerations, the functions of the watch will be important. For example, watches can show time only, or date and time, plus much more. A classic gentleman may appreciate a watch with gears, while a trendier man may prefer a digital analog.

S&B also offers two distinct categories of watches: quartz and automatic. Quartz watches are battery-powered, low maintenance and keep almost perfect time. Automatic watches are classic beauties that are powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. They tend to be slightly less accurate than quartz watches but can be manually wound for a more precise time measurement.

Additionally, S&B designs some of its watches with special features including compasses, thermometers, water resistance and more. A rugged man who loves hiking would likely embrace these capabilities, but for a business man, these features may not be necessary.

A man’s career often determines which style of watch will complement his daily life. When purchasing an everyday watch, consider the weight and cut of the watch. For instance, a police officer may need a bulkier watch that can take a beating, while a CEO may be attracted to something slimmer.

Featured Watches from S&B


  1. Atlantis A2 Dive Watch: This dual-purpose watch is good for two types of gentleman: the stylish one and the diver. Divers love this heavy, functional watch because it is waterproof and can handle dives up to 1,000 feet. Men who enjoy making fashion statements appreciate the full-metal style bracelet offered by this bold and masculine piece. The diver watch can be dressed up or down with ease.
  2. SANS-13 Tactical Sport Watch: This quartz watch has a highly functional design. The style is ideal for rough and rugged men who need an everyday watch that can withstand their lifestyle. The sport watch is engineered specifically for men working on the front lines such as law enforcement and first responders.
  3. Springfield GMT American Field Watch: Paying tribute to the heroes of the “greatest generation,” this American field watch is inspired by the watch issued to the U.S. infantry during World War II. This quartz watch features a simple but durable design. The Springfield GMT is the perfect everyday watch for a classic gentleman.

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