Two recent Florida Gulf Coast University graduates, as of May 2019, are working together as co-f0unders of a tech startup called Fieldr. Fieldr is a web-based application that streamlines the engagement between Students and Recruiters. Our focus is on bridging the gap in communication and career readiness through the experiential learning opportunities that organizations and schools have to offer. What do we mean by that? Internships, Mentorships, Project-Based or Course-Based learning, subcontracting, apprenticeships; the list goes on and on for the various opportunities that students are able to engage themselves in.

The Fieldr team composed of finance grad Natalie Finazzo and Entrepreneurship grad Connor Firmender, are working closely with FGCU and the school of Entrepreneurship. The website launched two weeks ago and already has 20 organizations signed up and posting job opportunities.

After meeting with companies across the country, we realized there was a disconnect between students and employers that we wanted to fix. Fieldr will create a venue for experiential learning and intentional social networking between students and employers, exclusively.

Our beta test which runs through the Fall allows businesses to sign up for free, post job opportunities and provide the Fieldr team with feedback to improve the website. They will have access to a job matching feature which will provide them with the most qualified candidates.

Fieldr hopes to grow and expand to schools and communities across the county, creating a stronger and more experienced generation of workforce!

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