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D3 Glass Manufactuing Facility

D3 Glass Manufactuing Facility

Family is at the center of everything for Bill Daubmann, owner of Florida’s renowned frameless glass enclosure company, MY Shower Door, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Hockey might be a close second in Daubmann’s heart, but it was he and his wife Donna’s unwavering commitment to family when their son received a life-changing diagnosis that redirected their career path.

At 11 years old, Daubmann’s eldest son Keith was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “When Keith got sick, that’s really what tied our family close together,” Daubmann recalled.

Between treatment for Keith and caring for their younger son Doug, the Daubmanns knew they needed jobs with more flexibility. Bill left his job at a security company and ventured out on his own.

“We started doing closet organizing systems,” Daubmann said. “Back in 1986, Closet Maid was just starting, and Lowe’s and Home Depot weren’t even started yet.”

Daubmann grew his network of builders and remodelers in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. In addition to closet organizers, the demand for shower doors grew. Business flourished, but a slip on some ice with two nearly broken wrists for Donna was the final straw as the Daubmanns grew weary of New England winters.

Upon the recommendation of good friend and former Florida Panthers center Bob Kudelski, Bill and Donna visited Estero and purchased a home in December 2001.

“Bobby had told me about the Naples area, so Donna and I took a trip down here and fell in love with the Estero and Bonita area,” Daubmann said.

After selling their northern closet organizer and glass business, the Daubmanns permanently relocated to Estero in 2003.

This was also the year the Daubmann family opened their first Florida showroom in North Naples under the name Mr. Shower Door. They opened their second location in Fort Myers in 2005 and their third location in Sarasota in 2007. In 2010, Daubmann changed the name of his business to MY Shower Door.

In 2012, the Daubmanns launched a manufacturing arm of the business called D3 Glass, which included a 60,000-square-foot production facility with ample capabilities for quick order fulfillment and distribution, product development and in-house staff training.

Today, the business boasts 187 employees in 10 locations throughout Florida. The secrets to their success – family ties and the right people by your side.

“I think I have an unfair advantage over most entrepreneurs and start-ups where I have not only my wife’s full support, but both sons are actively involved,” Daubmann said. “So, I have a dynamic family, but we also hire very good people to run the day-to-day operations. Talented, smart, dedicated. Everything you would look for.”

Daubmann also understands the value of marketing and its impact on their success.

“You could have a great product with good people, but if nobody knows about you, that doesn’t help,” Daubmann said. “I always tell entrepreneurs that – if you’ve got a product that people want and you know you can deliver it professionally, then you have to tell somebody about it. You’ve got to let people know what you do.”

Of the myriad accolades MY Shower Door has received over the past two decades, Daubmann was particularly proud to be listed in the “Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Business in the US” by INC Magazine for over six years. In September, MY Shower Door reached 3,500 5-Star Google reviews.

This year, D3 Glass celebrates its place on the same INC Magazine list as well as being named as one of the “Companies to Watch” by GrowFL.

Bill, Donna, Keith and Doug Daubmann give back to the region in many ways.  They believe strongly in community involvement as well as mentoring and maintaining solid relationships with employees, customers and suppliers alike. The Daubmanns’ dedication to the people of southwest Florida, both in and out of the showroom, are proof of their values.

Looking to the future, there are no plans of slowing down. They will be continuing growth in Florida while exploring locations in other states to make MY Shower Door a national brand.

But here, where this successful brand started, the Daubmann family will continue the celebration of MY Shower Door’s 20th year in southwest Florida with a big end-of-year bash for all employees and their loved ones at JetBlue Park – a fitting way to honor two decades of family and fortitude.

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