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ARE YOU A DATE NIGHTER? …Or Have you Lost that Lovin’ Feeling?

If the Righteous Brothers have that right, then we need to change our playlist to “Unchained Melody,” arguably their better song. Let’s hope date night has not become a fond memory like the Platters’ “Twilight Time.”

Speaking of golden oldies, remember when date night was just on Saturday nights? Well, things have changed, my friends. With crazy family schedules and many jobs offering flex hours, any night could be a Saturday night — even more so for retirees.

Does date night deliver the excitement of remembering those special dates of the past? Or, do you think it’s just a fabricated ploy? Maybe your “boo” of 30 years thinks it’s foolish. Incidentally, “boo” is the new, urban word for someone you love or adore. Whatever it is, I’m glad to report that I’ve witnessed date night being alive and well in Estero.

Recently, two friends and I went barhopping — yes, that’s still a thing — and we chatted with couples we found along the way, from the newly engaged to newlyweds to a couple married over 25 years.

Here’s how we met Tricia and Dean Dorn at The Saloon in Coconut Point. I spotted this couple raising their glasses and chuckling over what appeared to be a secret between them. I decided to introduce myself and learned Tricia and Dean (owner of The Pool Shop in Bonita) have lived in Estero since 1994. They have loved watching Estero grow into a village that offers, well, everything.

Dean & Trisha DornI asked if this was “date night” for them. “Well,” Tricia replied, “we do this on a regular basis now that our children are grown.”

“We have more time now,” chimed in Dean.

“Alone time was tough then, but now we go on dates.” Tricia added. “It’s never the same night each week; it changes with our schedules, but we continue to do it. It’s all about communication, talking to each other, reconnecting.”

Hmmm, I mumbled, wondering how many other people here tonight have a similar story. So with pad, pen and my trusty iPhone for photos, I ventured on to talk with other couples.

Meet Chelsea Miley and Ben Geroy, a young, newly engaged couple. They were sitting at a table waiting for Ben’s brother and sister-in-law, Jordan and Matt Geroy, married just one month, and their parents, Kerry and Todd Geroy, married 23 years. The switch here is that all three couples enjoy a “family date night” together.Matt and Jordan Geroy

“It’s random, perhaps every two months,” says the patriarch, Todd. “It’s a way for family to stay together and communicate.”

We then wandered over to the hostess stand where manager Sara Smith greeted guests as they arrived.

“This is a great place for dating couples,” Sara said. “We find many online daters meet here, too.” (Well, that’s a whole other column for another day!)

So, what’s stopping you? Jump in and try something unexpected. There’s much to offer right here in the energetic Village of Estero and its surrounding Southwest Florida landscape. After all, what’s more romantic than a boat ride or a sunset stroll at the beach?

Here’s 5 more fun ideas to get you going:

1. Plan a picnic in Koreshan State Park.

2. Take a workout class or dance lessons together.

3. Check out art festivals, galleries and museums.

4. Visit local breweries.

5. Go bowling… best retro-date ever!

Now, grab your boo and whisper, “I’ve got you babe!” And out the door you go — “Saturday Night Fever,” perhaps?

About the columnist: LJ Bury is a resident of Copperleaf at The Brooks with a diverse background including stints as creator/editor of a fine arts magazine, a political blogger and a talent coordinator. LJ’s Corner tells the stories of everyday life, with all its joys, frustrations and ponders.

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Ponder to Blow Your Mind:

Can rational thought exist without language?

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