2017 marks our 2nd anniversary as Florida’s newest city. As we ring in the new year, the sense of significance, urgency and accomplishment is as strong as ever. As the development of our new village structure continues to develop we are seeing a wonderful transition from county influence and leadership to local input and responsibility.  From our position, we applaud the efforts of our Mayor, Village Manager & staff and Council for their leadership. They are leading with a purpose.

One of the prevailing themes of our January issues presenting the economic outlook for our area. And, as you will read, it continues to be quite favorable. These continue to be exciting times for our ever-developing village and we encourage every resident to take great pride and interest.

January is historically a month for some type of ‘fitness’ craze as many try to adhere to their ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. This month we take a look at living a healthier lifestyle.

Through our efforts to bring you fascinating individuals who reside in Estero, we discovered a delightful ‘young lady’, Mildred Lewis, who turned 109 years old on Christmas Day!! Just imagine!!

Our Dining Feature takes us into the heart of ‘downtown’ Bonita Springs as we attempt to unravel some of the mysteries and lore behind the walls of the Shangri-la, a wonderful place filled with a spa, restaurant, gift shop, hotel, and beautiful gardens. Now expanding to dinner, we wanted to give you a ‘taste’!!

And of course, all of your usual favorites such as our “Best Bets”, local “Happenings” and the “Scene Pages” from our personal observations of the many activities in the area.

We always welcome your thoughts and suggestions with respect to potential stories, interesting people and unique businesses that have a significant impact on our community.

We also encourage you to invite your family members and friends to enjoy Estero Life Magazine digitally on our website, www.esterolifemagazine.com

Finally, on behalf of Ann Marie, Laura and our production staff at Presstige Printing, I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Wishing everyone the best of times,

So until next month remember…Life is GOOD!


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