Dedication is the quality of being committed to a task or purpose. All of us know many individuals who are dedicated to something — family, job or a myriad of causes — but in the world of sports, it takes a special focus, perseverance and sacrifice to succeed. We discovered exemplars in two young ladies from Estero, Kallie Ackley and Julia Glasser, who are reaching for the stars in the world of gymnastics. It takes years of mental and physical determination to become a Level 9 or 10 gymnast. To also rise through the ranks of state and regional competitions to make it to Nationals takes exceptional dedication. Only the top seven gymnasts in each of the eight U.S. regions make it to Nationals, and two of those seven came from right here in Estero!

In this month’s cover story, we invite you to learn about their journey. Could there be an Olympics in their future?
Compassion is another quality many of us appreciate and strive to achieve in our lives. It seems, perhaps, a little easier when it comes to our beloved furry friends. Ann Warner, a Stoneybrook Estero resident, transitioned her dog-training skills in Massachusetts to now training service dogs with Dogs, Inc. These dogs may eventually become seeing-eye dogs for the blind or emotional support animals for veterans or children.

Kenny and Sara James, also Stoneybrook Estero residents, express their compassion by giving elderly shelter dogs a second chance. Many elderly dogs have been abandoned due to health issues or the inability of their families to afford their keep. We know you will enjoy learning more about these compassionate Estero residents. Perhaps there could be a furry friend opportunity in your future!

How many of you have enjoyed the grandeur and excitement of the circus? Outside of Circus Sarasota, they are, unfortunately, almost a thing of the past. Fortunately, Cirque du Soleil has been reimagining big top excitement since 1984, bringing pageantry, imagination and high-flying talent to audiences worldwide with the mission to inspire us to see life anew through creativity and art. This summer, Cirque du Soliel will present “Corteo,” a joyful perspective on life with creative staging and costumes, amazing aerials and acrobatics, and a magical world of color with singing, dancing and gravity-defying high-wire acts. A member of the headlining teams shares the background of this popular production with Estero Life Magazine. We hope many of you take the opportunity to catch one of the Estero performances of “Corteo.”

Now let’s talk about creativity in pizza design! What are your favorite toppings? There are probably as many different answers to that question as there are people in Estero! Whatever your favorites might be, our dining feature this month will help you find the perfect pie right here in Estero. Learn about Estero’s two newest pizza restaurants — Oak & Stone and PEZZO Pizza & Bar — plus a total of 10 other pizzerias in our community. The options are endless for this staple of American dining.

I would also like to give a shoutout to our newest advertising partners: K-9 Cottage, a pet boarding, sitting and walking service on east Corkscrew Road, and Estero Optics, located at Estero Crossing. Please check out their services!

From all of us at Estero Life Magazine, we wish everyone a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday! God Bless America!!


Until next time, remember to…

                                    Enjoy the Good Life, Estero Life!!



Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine

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