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Bryce and Ethan in Technology Student Association

Bryce and Ethan in Technology Student Association

The Estero High School graduating Class of 2023 is entering a new world of artificial intelligence, regular space travel and societal changes and pressures requiring creative and innovative solutions. 

When asked what defines their character, one graduate said, “flexible.”

Flexibility may be the trait that goes the furthest in the future, and this year’s graduates have plenty. 

Estero Life Magazine interviewed five outstanding graduates. Among them are entrepreneurs who started a nonprofit to provide Estero students with scholarships. One did a science project testing plants and oxygen for space exploration purposes, while another rocks out with his band. Two plan to become aeronautical engineers. And several engage in acts of kindness throughout the school campus and the Estero community. Their extensive activity calendars go beyond what can be highlighted in one feature story.

They carried college-level class loads through the Cambridge diploma program, earned high GPAs and participated in multiple school and community athletics and organizations.

At their young age, they have already become masters of time management.


Big Hearts, Bg Vision

“Student Council President Sydney Ramsey is the mother of the Class of 2023,” said Assistant Principal Kasey Cobb.

“Her time management skills are amazing as she helps her fellow students navigate the challenges of high academic expectations, community engagement and satisfying activities for personal enjoyment.”

Sydney Ramsey

Sydney Ramsey

Ramsey takes her role to heart, dubbed “flexible” by her classmates. She was a little nervous as an elected graduation speaker.

“I’m saying goodbye to four wonderful years,” said Ramsey, whose next step is studying criminology at the University of Florida with plans for law school to follow.

As co-president of Lead Estero, a student-founded nonprofit, she faced the challenges of maintaining her GPA while planning events that raised over $100,000 to benefit students. 

Ramsey and her peers participated in immensely challenging advanced academic programs while being active in clubs, service organizations and one or more sports — lacrosse, golf, tennis, soccer, cross country and volleyball, as examples.

“When there’s a lull on their teams, these students are seen studying for their advanced Cambridge tests,” said Cobb.

Ethan Wilson

Ethan Wilson

But they’re not always studious. These students are quick to laugh, share in fun and cultivate creativity.

Ethan Wilson plays guitar and sings in an Estero rock band music club.

“The Estero Music Club will go on without me, but I had a good time,” he said.

He plans to pursue a music career working on his own music — with aeronautical engineering at the University of Central Florida in the fall as a backup plan. He has a music theory minor.

“My dad is a pilot and my grandfather was an engineer for World War II planes,” said Wilson, whose engineering plans fit his family history. His “unofficial valedictorian GPA status” helped with college applications.

Bryce Krohnfeldt

Bryce Krohnfeldt

Wilson has played eight years on the YMCA volleyball team and is vice president of the Tech Student Association that prepares all year for February competitions and has advanced to the national level.

Meanwhile, classmate Bryce Krohnfeldt has already built a plane. Aeronautical engineering at the University of Florida is his fall plan.

“My grandfather had an insane telescope – it was incredible looking through it,” he said.

On the ground, Krohnfeldt is co-president of Lead Estero with Ramsey. In its inaugural year, the organization had great success with fundraising for scholarships. 

“It was worth all the time and effort even though it added challenges to study time,” said Krohnfeldt.

Ines Kabbadj

Ines Kabbadj

Ines Kabbadj always saw herself working in a hospital and is enrolled in pre-med studies at Florida State University for the fall. As a member of Interact Rotary Club, she enjoys community service, which has included making sandwiches and selling Christmas trees for charitable endeavors. In addition to Cambridge classes and local volunteerism, Kabbadj is finishing her fourth year of varsity lacrosse — her second as captain. 

Kabbadj also has travel on her mind. “I hope to travel the world – every continent,” she said.

During high school, Alexis Martus worked with Best Buddies to help individuals with special needs, a high point in her educational experience. 

Alexis Martus

Alexis Martus

“I enjoy the events and sports,” she said. While this may influence her career direction, she’s not certain and has an undeclared major next year at Clemson University in South Carolina. She also teaches gymnastics to local children.

Martus has included four years of lacrosse and three years of golf in her Estero High experience in addition to the rigorous Cambridge diploma program.

These five students exemplify the best of Estero High School. And if these young leaders are representative of the entire 2023 graduating class, hope springs eternal for a bright future.



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