Stickboy Creative offers two months consulting services for free to help local businesses work remote and survive.

By Craig Handel

When the coronavirus started,  Stickboy Creative didn’t miss a beat. Maybe that’s to be expected from a technology company with offices in Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Like many other companies, Stickboy sent its workers home to work remotely.

“That’s how we operate,” said technology advisor Jordan Azis.

And that’s what Stickboy wants to help other businesses do. Teaming with the Estero Chamber of Commerce and putting messages on social media, Stickboy is offering two months of free consulting services to businesses of any size.  

Azis said some employees can’t work remotely from home because they either don’t have a laptop or software. By offering these services, they can work like normal.

“A big part of it is security,” said Josh Zachritz, director of operations for Stickboy. “By doing free remote prep, we can provide that security. It’s like same computer, different chair.”

Azis said the process is so simple that he and the company’s 20 employees don’t even have to visit the business.

“We can e-mail them a link, which they download,” he said. “We give them a portal to gain access and get in from anywhere from world.”

Businesses that have been deemed “nonessential” have had what Azis calls a “wakeup call” about the need to have a system for continuing to work remotely. Stickboy’s typical model is to keep businesses on a retainer with services running $175 an hour.

“Right now, businesses don’t have the time or money to roll out a robust solution,” he said, which is where Stickboy comes in. “We want local businesses to stay alive.”

As challenging as the coronavirus has been and will continue to be, Azis believes businesses will change for the better because of this.

“I think it’s gonna be a renaissance,” he said. “It’s like Black Death (also known as the Pestilence or Great Bubonic Plague, which devastated Europe from 1347 to 1352, killing an estimated 25-30 million people) and then the whole world changed because of that. Either businesses who aren’t remote are gonna die, or they’re going to adapt and change the way they do things.”

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