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By D.K. Christi

Elizabeth Dosoretz with her husband and three sons

Elizabeth Dosoretz with her husband and three sons

What’s in a name? Elizabeth Dosoretz, founder and CEO of Elite DNA Behavioral Health, named her company using the first initials of her sons’ names: Dylan, Noah and Asher. Her first son’s birth — and her subsequent postpartum depression — was the catalyst for her Florida healthcare business, which has grown over the last 10 years to 32 offices and 600 employees statewide.

The Estero office, located at 9401 Corkscrew Palms Circle, opened in January 2024 as the most recent of eight Southwest Florida comprehensive therapy and psychiatry services offices.

Services tailored to the individual needs of patients include postpartum depression and anxiety, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression, family conflicts, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep challenges, gender dysphoria, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and behavioral issues.

“Interest in behavioral health at an early age led to my educational path at George Washington University and Columbia School of Social Work, receiving a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in psychology and a Master of Social Work,” said Dosoretz. “But it wasn’t until the birth of my son and my own experience with postpartum depression that I noted the gap in available mental help for mothers.”

Despite her education, postpartum depression overwhelmed her.

“I followed my mother’s suggestion to seek professional help and wondered how others navigated this terrible twist to motherhood,” she said.

Dosoretz provided a solution by opening her first office in Fort Myers to fill the gap, and she continues seeing patients today.

“I also have a talented team statewide,” she added. “I balance my family life, and (work) from our Fort Myers headquarters. A favorite quote helps keep me centered: ‘Things that matter most should never be at the expense of things that matter least.’”

She manages each day’s priorities to meet the needs of her family, patients and community but may occasionally be late for a son’s tennis match.

“I recognize that every day will not be perfect,” she said. “I give myself the grace to do my best within my priorities that also include healthful living with daily trips to the gym and quality family time.”

For Dosoretz, balancing is a daily occurrence, an integral part of the world of women who “do it all.”

Mental health is clearly her passion. Through Elite DNA, she strives to provide “patient centered, evidence based, quality care.”

One parent who wished to remain anonymous gave high praise for the statewide offices that exceeded her expectations for her child’s care and management plan. Therapy support was provided during college and while pursuing internships, enabled by a smooth transfer of care to a different Elite DNA office in another city and some Zoom sessions. There were no therapy gaps.

“Our clinicians always begin with the patient,” Dosoretz said. “Our offices have a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers and staff to meet patient needs. We prefer that patients will seek care before it becomes an emergency.”

Most insurance is accepted, and there is a sliding scale for the uninsured. Dosoretz, whose parents are from Argentina, speaks English and Spanish and wants to help all people access quality behavioral health care. Her offices include bilingual staff.

Dosoretz also invests in training the next generation of behavioral health professionals. She has built collaborative relationships with colleges and universities across the state, and she is credentialed to supervise interns. She finds celebrating their graduations and successes highly rewarding.

According to Dosoretz, engaging the community in mental health education supports the understanding that it is an integral part of overall healthy living. Recently she accepted an invitation to speak at a May session on community health for FGCU’s Leadership Academy.

“I grew up in Southwest Florida, and the positive evolution of the community is encouraging,” said Dosoretz. “I enjoy telling my children about the area’s growth and our role in the new business development.”

After a careful market study, Estero was determined as the right place for an Elite DNA office.

“Although the company’s original mission was meeting the needs of mothers and children, we have grown to provide a complete offering of mental health services to all children and adults,” Dosoretz noted. “Seeking help is natural and critical to overall well-being.”

As a successful business owner who prioritizes family and values her own wellness practices, Dosoretz is a role model for many.

Since the brain is the control center for the entire body, mental health should be the first place to start, not the last resort, she said. Elite DNA Behavioral Health helps its clients grow stronger and healthier and reach their life goals.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month — the perfect time to make a new path toward mental wellness.

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