Keeping Taxes Low, Reserves High & Citizens Informed

The Village of Estero Council and Staff take pride in providing forward-thinking, efficient and transparent municipal operations. The recently approved annual budget reflects management that is both fiscally conservative and operationally nimble, enabling the Village to seize opportunities while maintaining a cost-efficient “government lite” model.

Lowest Taxes in SWFL

For Fiscal Year 2019-20 (which begins Oct. 1, 2019), the Village of Estero is lowering its tax rate to 0.7726 mills, which is the lowest tax rate of any municipality in Southwest Florida.

Highest Reserves in SWFL

While keeping taxes low, the Village also plans to increase its reserves by 9.2 percent. This means Estero will have a notable “safety net” of 12 months of operating expenses, the highest per-capita rate in Southwest Florida.

Paying Down Debt Early

The Village purchased 62 acres of land, along the Estero River, for $26 million in early 2019.  Estero anticipates paying off this debt several years early, via early payment set-asides, land sales, easement trades and grants.

I75-Interchange-ImprovementsGovernment Lite Works

The Village’s unique model of government lite continues to prove its merit. With a population of about 32,000 in Estero, the Village employs a staff of just 11 full-time equivalent employees (counting both full and part-time). This is the lowest per-capita rate in Southwest Florida.

Budget Highlights

  • Total Revenues: $20.2 million
  • Total Expenditures: $20.4 million
  • Total Reserves: $5.6 million (12 months of operating expenses)
  • Debt Service Payment: $1.4 million (plus an additional $1.1 million in voluntary debt reduction funding)

Capital Improvement Projects

The year ahead promises the beginning and completion of several notable projects:

  • Corkscrew Road & I-75 Interchange Improvements — one year project by FDOT; beginning late 2019
  • S. 41 Median Landscaping — six months; beginning Fall 2019
  • Estero Parkway Improvements & Landscaping — six months; beginning Fall 2019
  • Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan — to be finalized Fall 2019

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