Have you noticed? The Village of Estero now has an official seal!

 estero_free_PPE_pickup_eventAfter a lengthy process of gathering public input, a new design has been chosen to reflect Estero’s unique “brand.”

In 2018, the Village contracted with Vitalink to develop branding standards, including an official Village of Estero seal for use on future welcome signage at Estero’s gateways. Vitalink conducted extensive research to understand Estero’s strengths and how best to represent them in a logo.

An extensive community survey drew 2,247 respondents. Additionally, more than 60 stakeholders — Estero residents, business owners and workers — attended in-person engagement sessions to share their opinions. We wanted to ensure our seal represented our entire community’s priorities.

An analysis of the survey data identified the following strengths of our community:

  • Architectural standards
  • Landscaping standards
  • Preservation/ Unspoiled Florida
  • Estero River
  • Location
  • Shopping

esteroThe new logo includes custom-drawn lettering and keeps many attributes from Estero’s former branding, while incorporating new elements to better represent Estero’s strengths:

TOWER – represents Estero’s distinctive architecture

WATER – represents the Estero River and the Village’s many ponds

LEAF – represents Estero’s high landscaping standards and preservation focus

SUNSET & EGRET – represents the natural beauty of the area

The Village has already begun using its new seal on official documents and communications. Approved by Village Council on July 22, 2020, the new logo will be added to signs, letterhead, business cards, name tags and other materials.



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