Financial management for local governments has never been more complex. Governments must justify program and service costs, adhere to complex and constantly changing standards, and adapt to increased need for transparency without increasing labor costs. The Village of Estero needed a comprehensive, government-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which facilitates relevant and readily available financial information with a focus on automation. On June 21, 2023, the Village of Estero Council authorized village staff to move forward with the implementation of Munis, a Tyler Technologies ERP solution. Total cost of implementation was budgeted at $253,687, which included all implementation and three years of annual fees.

The Village of Estero is excited to announce that Munis went live on June 3, 2024, as scheduled, and was delivered within budgeted costs. This is a legacy financial solution that can handle every aspect of the Village’s accounting and budgeting needs in one powerful and easy-to-use solution. The fully integrated solution offers fast access to information, simplified reporting, and timesaving workflow to help local governments make informed business decisions and increase financial transparency.

The Estero taxpayers’ investment in this solution will yield the following benefits:

• Gain real-time insight into business processes for strategic decision making

• Improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness

• Create consistency of data and processes

• Minimize risk by improving financial controls

• Maximize efficiency of business processes

• Improve compliance with local, state and federal requirements

A comprehensive update on the software and its benefits will be presented to the public at the Village Council meeting on Wednesday, July 3, at 9:30 a.m. Residents may attend through the following avenues:

• Attend live — Village of Estero Council Chambers, 9401 Corkscrew Palms Circle

• Attend virtually — Virtual comment cards are available on the website, so your voice can still be heard.


Update provided by Kevin Greenville, Finance Director for the Village of Estero since 2022. Mr. Greenville previously worked as the chief financial officer for multiple governments in


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