The next Village of Estero regular election will be held on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, and three seats on the Village Council will need to be filled.
Council members Bill Ribble (District 1), Howard Levitan (District 2) and Nick Batos (District 6) will be termed out as of March 2021. Therefore, the Village is looking for community-minded residents living in these three districts to consider running for Council.
Each candidate for Council must be an Estero resident and qualified elector of the Village for at least one year before the beginning of the qualifying period, which is January 11. In addition, each council member must reside in the district they represent for the duration of his or her term.
Seven council members represent the seven districts within the boundaries of Estero and serve a term of four years each, staggered so that elections are held every two years.
Here’s a map which demonstrates the seven districts in Estero. The Village encourages those living in Districts 1, 2 and 6 to consider applying for these open positions.
Visit the Village’s website for municipal election information to find resources for potential candidates.

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