Local-Model-AreaThe Village of Estero’s first Stormwater Master Plan was presented to Village Council on March 6. This represents the completion of a more than two-year long process to improve our understanding of how stormwater functions within and surrounding Estero and to identify ways to improvement stormwater management for Estero residents.

At the core of the Master Plan are two stormwater models. The first model (Regional Model) extends from northern Collier County to Lehigh Acres. This model was used to help better understand regional drainage patterns and how areas outside Estero might affect Estero drainage.  The second model (Local Model) includes all areas that drain to the Estero River from Estero Bay to I-75. This model provides more details of the drainage system, allowing street level issues to be better identified. Both models will be used by Estero Staff to assess potential impacts new developments could have on surrounding properties. 

The Master Plan provided numerous recommendations to improve drainage within Estero, including projects and rule changes. Each of these projects/rule changes are proposed to improve drainage and reduce the potential for flooding.

Dry Creek

Drainage Projects:

  • Villages at Country Creek Bypass Ditch – Improve the flow of water around Villages at Country Creek by enlarging the ditch around the community and improving maintenance.
  • River Ranch Road Drainage Improvements – Improve the drainage along both sides of River Ranch Road.
  • Dry Creek Bed Sediment Removal – Remove sediment from a historic river bed located west of Villages at Country Creek to provide a second connection between the north and south branches of the Estero River.
  • Estero River Sediment Removal – Remove deposited sediment from the Estero River between Sandy Lane and the railroad tracks.
  • S. 41 (Corkscrew to Williams) Drainage Improvements – Provide a drainage outfall for this section of U.S. 41, which currently experiences sidewalk flooding.

River Sediment

Rule Changes:

  • Minimum Finished Floor Elevation – Require the lowest building elevations to be at or above FEMA Base Flood Elevation (BFE) plus 1-foot or the 100-year, 3-day design stage elevation, whichever is greater.
  • Minimum Roadway Elevation – Require minimum roadway elevations to be above the 25-year, 3-day storm event. They are currently required to be above the 5-year, 1-day storm event.
  • Confirmation of positive outfall – Require projects to demonstrate they have an adequate drainage outfall to the receiving water body (i.e. Estero River).