Joseph Cofield, founder of Constitution for the People, hosted his second international educator to Florida during the week of February 1 – 9, 2019. Just as he sponsored Zsolt Patrik from Budapest in 2004, Cofield recently hosted Eunice Sumary, from Tanzania, lodging at the Hampton Inn Bonita Springs to start her journey of Southwest Florida. Cofield declared that this visit by Sumary was so special because he started a partnership with the educators and students of the Arusha Secondary School in Tanzania in 2008.

The partnership started as a pen pal writing assignment for the Bonita Springs Middle School students from Cofield’s World Geography Class, and the positive relationship never stopped. Cofield’s dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has fueled him over the years, and, despite having a kidney removed which prevented his journey to Tanzania in 2008 and cancer is 2012, he has shipped care packages with the community support, sponsored several students, especially girls, by seeking numerous sponsorships from organizations and individuals, and even helped to build a secondary school which now has started to enroll students. Cofield states that once the last lab is completed in 2019 that he will make his first journey to Tanzania and actually complete his dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In the meantime, before that dream comes true, Cofield received a great blessing by having one of the educators he has communicated with over the years visit the United States of America.

Eunice Sumary earned an opportunity to attend a conference in Washington, D.C., and thanks to Joseph Cofield and others sponsors across the USA, Sumary had an opportunity to visit Seattle, Detroit and Los Angeles, in addition to her week-long stay in Naples, Fla. Professor Christie McWilliams, sponsor from Michigan, formed a bond with Sumary by way of education. McWilliams, unlike Cofield, made the trip to Tanzania in 2008, sponsored by the Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation. McWilliams shared her experience with Cofield and was one of the many PDK Educators who recommended the Arusha Secondary School to Cofield for a partnership. The educators stayed in constant contact with each other over the years, and 2019 proved to be a great reunion, not in Tanzania this time but across the USA.

Dreams indeed come true as Sumary proved from her first visit to the USA. Sumary had a vast experience during her visit, but her true love remains the children. She got an opportunity to not only visit the beautiful sites of our country, but she also visited with many children within the classrooms in the K-12 school systems and even conducted an evening Diversity Course at Florida Gulf Coast University on Feb. 6, 2019, after touring Venice, Fla., in the morning and listening to a presentation about her neighboring country of Ethiopia.

On Feb. 14  (on Valentine Day), Eunice Sumary returned to her homeland of Tanzania to share her experience with her family, friends, students and all the citizens of Tanzania. It was a dream come true for this educator.

Submitted by: Joseph Cofield

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