How does the Village of Estero keep its promise of operating as “government lite” while boasting the lowest tax rate in Lee County? The answer is through partnerships with other municipalities, along with several private partners.

A good example is disaster response. Estero weathered Hurricane Irma well, responding with fast and efficient cleanup, thanks to effective partnerships with several organizations, from the local to federal levels. The Village’s Disaster Response team includes Lee County, state and federal agencies, Estero and San Carlos Park fire districts and private companies.

However, natural disasters aren’t the only instances where such partnerships are important. The Village of Estero also relies on cooperative efforts for everyday activities like road, lawn and landscape maintenance, all of which involve county, state and private partners. The same is true for drainage and parks maintenance.

By and large, the smooth operation of services throughout the Village of Estero is accomplished thanks to valuable partnerships with other governmental agencies and private organizations. This results in a high quality of life for Estero’s residents, who also enjoy a low tax rate!

Village of Estero