The 3 P’s of Dr. Aysegul Timur, President, FGCU




For this month’s cover story, “Navigating the Presidential Path,” we had the pleasure of sitting down with the new president of Florida Gulf Coast University, Dr. Aysegul Timur. Not only did we come away excited about her vision for the university, but also inspired by her leadership style, based on the principals of “passion, partnerships and performance.” To me, this approach speaks volumes about what we also see in and around our Village of Estero. We know you will enjoy learning Dr. Timur’s back story, her perception of FGCU and her vision for its future.

So, how do the “3 P’s” permeate our community?

First of all, our entire government-lite concept is based on the many contractual partnerships that the Village uses to accomplish its goals allowing our government staff to ensure quality performance in many areas of concern. This month’s Village Connection demonstrates our local government’s passion for fiscal responsibility as Estero citizens are encouraged to partner in the budget process. We hope many of you will take this opportunity to participate in the upcoming public hearings. Together, we can strengthen the performance of community services and plans for our community’s future.

In our “Snippets of Success,” we highlight the passions of several other community organizations, including the Florida Native Plant Society, the Copperleaf Sewing Bee, The Laser Lounge and Lee Health. Their passions and partnerships are making a difference in the lives of hospitalized children, orphans, people needing health services, and, in the case of the plant society, the natural environment we all enjoy here in Southwest Florida.

Lastly, the successful execution of fine dining requires a blend of all three P’s. At Bar Tulia at Mercato, a passionate approach from the owner, chef, beverage director and on down to the waitstaff is critical for creating an excellent dining experience. The partnerships the restaurant has with food and beverage providers for the perfect wines or the freshest locally grown produce and sources of meat and fish distinguishes them from others. Outstanding performance is the result of excellence from food prep to table delivery. This is what you can expect to encounter at this month’s featured restaurant. We hope you enjoy the many unique flavors of our favorites at Bar Tulia. Mangia Bene!


Until next time, remember to…

                                    Enjoy the Good Life, Estero Life!!



Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine

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