Most of us will remember how we dreaded the “dog days of summer” — when it was hot and muggy, vacations were over, the kids were bored, and we were at wit’s end trying to decide how to cope until school resumed (usually after Labor Day).

Fast-forward to 2020, where we have had incessant, record heat, no opportunity to even take a vacation during the COVID shutdowns, and school’s been turned upside down for nearly six months! Wouldn’t you give anything for the “good ol’ days?” Hopefully, the month of August will be a turning point for all of us to begin to reconstruct our lives to a point where we feel like we might actually have some control of our schedules.

 We are all hoping and praying that our schools will re-open safely, attitudes will improve, work places will become more clearly defined, and socialization (to some level) will return. We are encouraging everyone to continue to do your part in efforts to make this happen. The more we all cooperate, the faster positive changes can occur. God grant me patience!!!

An interesting side note to the battle with coronavirus has been a new vocabulary; words like “underlying conditions,” “morbidity” and “asymptomatic” have become everyday jargon. And why? Because many of us became acutely aware of how unhealthy our lifestyle has been, making a positive test scary and recovery from this disease more difficult.

Now is the time to begin, in earnest, to turn this around. Our cover story this month combines tips for improving overall health and building our immune systems. We can start by implementing the healthy lifestyle practices of the longest-living people in the world, summed up by the Blue Zones “Power 9.” Owners of two new businesses right here in Estero, Club Pilates and Our Yoga Place, also share suggestions for taking control of your health by staying active, moving your body strategically and reducing stress levels. We encourage you to find those aspects that most appeal to you, and get up and get started!

And since relaxation is a great part of being healthy, we have encouraged our readers to slow down and “stop to smell the roses.” Well, not exactly, but we did encourage you to stop and take pictures of the roses! In April, we launched the Estero Life Magazine Photo Contest, encouraging an appreciation of the natural beauty here in Southwest Florida. We have enjoyed seeing what you “noticed” right around your homes. In our Village Life feature at the center of the magazine, you will find the winner of this contest. Further back, you will find our Scene on Site page, where you will discover the 2nd  place, 3rd  place and People’s Choice winners!  Let me tell you, the judging was quite difficult. Excellent job, everyone!!!

Right before the pandemic shutdowns, our team was able to enjoy an amazing, stress-reducing dining experience (more than four hours of good food, good wine and good company!) at the award-winning Sails Restaurant on 5th Avenue in Naples. This is one dining experience you must enjoy! It is our pleasure to share.

We also invite you to participate. As your favorite “special occasion” restaurants re-open, would you let me know, so we can reach out and offer them the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming issue of Estero Life Magazine? We would like to highlight your favorite dining-out locales to share with our entire readership.

And finally, we hope everyone remains healthy, stays positive and begins to enjoy your favorite things again. We hope your favorite sports return (in some form or another), your favorite activities resume, and our special “paradise” returns to its previous glory!


Until next month, remember

         Enjoy the Good Life, Estero Life!!



Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine


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