That will depend upon how each of us reacts to the current situation. We all have a choice as to how we move forward. Paul Harris, founder of the 115-year-old Rotary International stated, “The power of combined effort knows no limits.” We must all decide how we want this chapter in our history to play out!

I must admit, sitting here mid-April, after a full month of social distancing, it is hard to crystal-ball the upcoming decisions of our state, federal and local leaders. We will just need to have continued patience and pray they all will make strong, informed and correct decisions for everyone’s wellbeing.

This has also been a challenging time for Estero Life Magazine. You may have noticed our April issue was missing regular features, mostly related to happenings and events. The May issue has been depleted further due to restaurant closures and the shutdown of non-essential services and industries.

However, we remain optimistic about the economic recovery, especially in our area. Estero is still Estero, and people will always want our quality of life, our beautiful communities and amenities. The key to recovery will be in our ability to adapt and to gradually do our part in helping the area rebound.

As a tribute to the beauty to be found in our area, Estero Life Magazine is launching its first photo contest! While everyone is social distancing, it’s a great opportunity to get your camera (or smartphone) out and appreciate some things you, perhaps, didn’t before. Capture the beauty you see, and send us your best shot! See the details on Page 14 and on our website:

Our feature stories this month reflect the challenges local businesses have been facing during the coronavirus crisis. Learn what some are doing to survive in “Resourcefulness Key to Recovery,” and gain perspective on the long-range economic impact, as analyzed by Chris Westley, dean of Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Our second feature article, “Creativity in the time of COVID-19,” describes another form of resourcefulness. This story looks at the impact of the virus upon the arts and entertainment sectors, including impacts for local performers. There are also resources to inspire your own creativity during this unique time.

We also have included a Q&A on financial advice for weathering the coronavirus crisis. Since we will most likely have the better part of this month of continued social distancing, our Village Connection provides important coronavirus resources to help us turn the corner to recovery.

Here is one way each of you can help. As you see or hear about businesses in the area re-opening, please share the GOOD NEWS with everyone by going to “Submit News” at We encourage everyone to bookmark and frequently check the Estero Life Magazine website to see what is NEW! Then we will all have the opportunity to support those businesses as they emerge from this economic dilemma. Be sure to follow us on FaceBook ( as we will also share the good news you submit there.

Additionally, we all have a favorite restaurant (or two) we enjoy for special occasions. We welcome your suggestions for future Estero Life dining reviews as you become aware of their re-opening. Please send the name and contact info directly to me at Those submitting this information between May 1 and June 30 will be eligible to win a $100 gift card to The Pewter Mug or a $75 gift certificate to Ristorante Farfalla.

Remember, “The power of combined effort knows no limits.”  Now is the time!

So, as we wait for direction from our local, state and federal leaders, remember to…

Enjoy the Good Life: Estero Life!!

Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine

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