As I sat down this morning to express my thoughts in this monthly Publisher’s Message, we had Rod Stewart singing the classics playing in the background. The song that stood out on this particular CD was the timeless song, “I Wish You Love.” It was written from a French adaptation by Albert Beach and first released by Keely Smith in 1957. What a melancholy background to give thoughts for our February/Valentine’s issue!
To this end, almost everyone loves some kind of art (painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc), and in Southwest Florida, the pinnacle of the art “season” is February. Enjoy our cover story relating the art activities in our market as well as discover some of our local, talented artists.
From there, enjoy some of the Valentine’s Day advice from local couples on the successes and happiness of their marriages. You may even know some of the contributors!
And who doesn’t enjoy an occasional glass of the bubbly? This quarter’s wine focus is on champagne.
Mental health is one of the most prominent topics circulating throughout nearly everyone’s conscience with so many terrible events being attributed to the unchecked or misdiagnosed/mistreated cases of mental issues. We are happy to share a tremendous success story of a foundation started by Scott Spiezle and Susan Goldy that is gaining tremendous momentum right here in Southwest Florida. “Kids Minds Matter,” now adopted by Lee Health, is paving the way for advancements in the treatment of mental health disorders. You will be both impressed and inspired as you read.
Our dining feature showcases the talents of local favorite, Chef Hector Hidalgo (formerly of Randy’s Fish Market and Fish Crazy) in his newest venture. Naples Coastal Kitchen is a perfect place to share with your Valentine!
Additionally, this month’s entry of the Village Connection focuses on the newly completed blueprint for the Village called the Comprehensive Plan. This is your chance to see how your community input has materialized.
Find all of these stories plus our readers’ favorites: Best Bets, Scene Pages, Happenings and dynamic photos.
Finally, we wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Loving and being loved is essential to us all — good for the heart, mind and soul. May love fill the air, not only this month, but throughout the year! “But most of all, I wish you love.”

So until next month
…remember, “Life is GOOD!”

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