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“I live in the moment. I don’t worry or stress about anything,” says Anthony Quattrochi, owner of the newly opened T42 restaurant.

T42 Exterior

T42 Exterior

In the current atmosphere of pandemic-induced changes, Quattrochi’s philosophy is one we might all benefit from adopting. Formed around the concept of sharing the best moments with family and friends, T42 is a unique restaurant concept featuring a relaxed atmosphere and small plates of seafood, American bistro and Italian cuisine.

Located in Coconut Point Mall, T42 is housed in the space which was formerly occupied by TGI Fridays. The restaurant made its debut on February 1, 2021, and has already attracted a steady flow of customers.

With a tagline of “Toast-Tapas-Tradition,” T42’s distinctive name has personal meaning for Quattrochi. The acronym stands for “toast for two” and brings the owner back to fond memories from his childhood when family members would make toasts at his grandparents’ house using their old-fashioned, rocks glasses.

Upon entering the establishment, guests are dazzled by its sleek, black-and-gray interior lined with classy art pieces and quotes from famous figures of differing eras like Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra and Tim McGraw. By displaying quotes from a variety of generations, T42 makes connections with individuals from all age groups, Quattrochi said.

Everything on the T42 menu is meant to be shared around the table. From dishes which are traditionally shared, such as charcuterie boards and flatbreads, to refined plates like the Linguine Manila and Salmon Fillet, each order comes with small serving plates for every member of the group. The idea is that the dining party orders a few different plates along with wines to complement the cuisines.

Executive Chef Roberto Cardenas uses his culinary skills, along with the freshest ingredients, to create delicious, small platters that truly wow the guests. The small plate concept allows guests to feel satisfied without feeling like they ate something heavy. Many even still have room to taste a few of the delectable desserts hand-crafted by Cardenas’ wife.

“I think people leave happier because they are full, but not stuffed,” says Cardenas. Another bonus: “The small plate concept allows people to try more dishes.”

Ingredients are sourced both locally and internationally. For example, Cardenas explained, the eatery uses produce from local distributor FreshPoint and chocolate imported from Italy.

With an extensive background in hospitality, Quattrochi is highly trained in the art of providing guests with a spectacular experience. The businessman opened over 150 hotels during his time working for Ritz Carlton and Marriott.

“I’m creating a dining experience,” says Quattrochi. “You aren’t just going out to dinner when you come here.”

Quattrochi’s can-do attitude makes even the biggest goals achievable – and he certainly has some impressive ones for T42.

One ambition which is soon to become a reality is an exclusive wine club. This membership will allow guests the opportunity to enjoy a monthly wine experience including three white wines, three red wines and small plates to complement each glass of vino.

“We are going to travel the world,” says Quattrochi, who plans to theme the wines and cuisine around a different culture each month.

To appeal to as many people as possible, the wine club will offer a broad variety of palate-pleasing wines from Napa Valley, Sicily and other regions of Italy. T42 also has 12 of its own private-label wine varietals.

In addition to the wine club, Quattrochi is working with the Village of Estero to expand patio dining at T42. Everything is designed to create a comfortable atmosphere where guests are smiling and leave joyful and satisfied.

“The biggest satisfaction is someone saying, ‘I really enjoyed the experience,’ because that’s what I’m trying to deliver,” says Quattrochi.

He frequently tells his guests, “You’re welcome in my home anytime.”

T42 offers mouthwatering small plates, premium customer service and an environment where guests are encouraged to share both food and special moments with those who mean the most to them.

Di Manzo Carpaccio

Di Manzo Carpaccio

Our Favorites

Di Manzo Carpaccio: Enjoy this scrumptious snack plate featuring a smorgasbord of thinly sliced cured beef topped with fresh arugula, shaved Manchego cheese and a marinated sliver of portobello mushroom. For an extra zest of flavor, this dish is served with lemon and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.



T42 Fiocchi Pera

T42 Fiocchi Pera



T42 Fiocchi Pera: For pasta lovers, the Fiocchi Pera is the perfect amount of savory with a hint of sweetness. This bowl features fiocchi pasta stuffed with sliced pear and ricotta cheese swimming in a creamy mascarpone sauce.




Tuna Tartar

Tuna Tartar



Tuna Tartar: The tuna tartar is a must-try at T42! The flavorful dish is comprised of diced ahi tuna rolled in sesame seeds, sesame oil, and a delightful teriyaki glaze. The tuna is topped with microgreens and slices of fresh avocado. A side of cucumbers drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette and dollops of wasabi make this sushi-inspired dish as aesthetically appealing as it is tasty.



Estero Salad

Estero Salad



Estero Salad: This is no ordinary salad – the Estero Salad features baby mixed greens, Belgium endive, fresh cantaloupe, papaya and strawberries. This unique blend of fresh fruits and greens is completed with candied walnuts, shaved Parmigiano cheese and a light, yet pleasant, tropical vinaigrette.







Filetto: Get your cutlery ready to divvy up these extremely tender beef tenderloin medallions paired with juicy, sweet Cipollini onions in a red wine reduction glaze. Complementing the dish are sides of risotto, mixed vegetables and a beautiful floral garnish.



Choco Mousse

Choco Mousse



Choco Mousse: It would be a shame to leave T42 without sampling a few handmade desserts! One of our favorites was the Choco Mousse, a light and fluffy scoop of chocolate mousse surrounded with whipped cream and sandwiched between two puff pastries. The exquisite pastries are sprinkled with powdered sugar and finished with chocolate drizzle and garnishes of strawberry and mint.





7991 Plaza Del Lago

Coconut Point Mall, Estero


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