Gary Israel

Well, its June. And with a simple turn of the page on our calendars brings the annual onslaught of mixed emotions associated with endings and beginnings.

At the time of this writing, the most glaring happy ending is associated with our emergence from the COVID pandemic, as this will mark the first full month of living without masks!! (As I write this, Publix and Walmart have just announced they are no longer requiring those vaccinated to wear masks).

June also marks the end of spring and the beginning of hurricane/rainy season, so now you understand the mixed emotions!

And judging by the number of car carriers seen around Estero lately, it also tells us that it is the end of a season for many of our friends and neighbors. We are happy for them to be returning to enjoy their northern families and friends, perhaps without masks! And, we wish them safe travels, a refreshing summer and good health.

This year, June also marks the end of school for area children. Our cover story highlights one particular Estero High School senior, Ashley Alarcon, whose interest in history has inspired her to take action toward preserving historic Civil War battlefields under the auspices of the American Battlefield Trust. We know you will enjoy learning about Ashleys accomplishments, dreams and future plans.

Another happy ending was this years successful season for the Estero Mustangs youth football and cheerleading program. But what is even happier is the program directors vision of things to come. Here is a chance for kids, parents, families and our entire community to get behind a meaningful organization that gives so many young people opportunities. Learn how you can become involved or register for the fall season!

How are you doing, Madam Mayor? WHAT??? Thats right, the Village of Esteros only original woman council member, Katy Errington, was recently voted by her peers on the Council to serve the final two years of her term as Esteros first woman mayor. Congratulations, Katy! We gave Mayor Errington the opportunity to express her thoughts in our 7 Questions feature. You will be very proud of what you learn as this also marks a new beginning for the Village.

Speaking of the Village of Estero, they have also happily ended the structure of having a Planning and Zoning Board and a separate Design Review Board now combining them into a single, nine-member Planning, Zoning and Design Board (PZDB) to rule on future considerations. This months Village Connection describes in detail the process and roles and responsibilities of the PZDB, Village staff and the Village Council.

Another new beginning within Estero during the pandemic was the teaming up of TwinCutZ co-owners Danny Womack and Sean Casey to launch a new studio concept at Coconut Point Mall, bringing the hair industry and hospitality industry together. Casey, a stage 4 cancer survivor, and Womack have overcome unexpected challenges to continue to grow; its truly an inspirational story.

And we welcome another new beginning in Estero with the opening of the newest dining sensation, El Gaucho Inca, this months featured restaurant. The blending of two cultures, Peruvian and Argentinian, creates a spectacular array of uniquely delicious dishes for every diner! Bien venidos a Estero, Rocio and Chef Maldonado!

And last, but certainly not least, we want to pay tribute to the fathers, grandfathers and father figures in our lives a very Happy Fathers Day! And congratulations to all the 2021 high school and university graduates!

So, until next month, don’t forget to…Enjoy the Good Life: Estero Life!!!

Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine

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