I love celebrating the 4th of July. I also love fireworks (the louder the boom, the better)! And, as an unabashed patriotic individual, I enjoy performing our National Anthem. Did you know that the United States did NOT have a national anthem until President Woodrow Wilson designated “The Star Spangled Banner” as our anthem in 1931?

For me, Francis Scott Key writing a poem called “The Defense of Fort McHenry” on Sept. 14 during the War of 1812, which was later set to music and eventually became our National Anthem, is the perfect justification for glorious fireworks to celebrate any patriotic national event. The 4th of July + Fireworks + National Anthem…it doesn’t get any better! Happy Birthday, America!!!

Rachel Pierce & Gary Israel (1)Our cover story this month gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of Southwest Florida’s most sought-after TV news anchors, Estero resident Rachel Pierce. So how does she juggle her anchor responsibilities while raising four kids and embarking on a burgeoning side career as an accomplished artist? As Rachel prepares to return to NBC-2 from maternity leave, she shares her secrets.

Speaking of a burgeoning art career, how about 11-year-old Nalin Isme, a Pinewoods Elementary School fifth grader (actually now headed to middle school) who is taking the abstract art scene by storm, winning competition after competition! You will enjoy reading his story and seeing his distinct style.

Rachel Pierce contributes much of her artwork to charity auctions, and perhaps Nalin will, too. In the world of nonprofits, fundraising committees don’t break over summer. They work diligently planning their annual events — a most critical component being the auctions. A quality auctioneer can be the difference between a good fundraiser and a great one! When it comes to conducting live auctions, there are few as successful as Estero resident Rick Gallo. Our “7 Questions” feature this month focuses on Rick’s amazing success at dozens of events each year. He makes you feel good about giving.

Speaking of feeling good, our dining feature this month transports our taste buds to the tropics via Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant in Bonita Springs. Fresh off an expansion and remodel, Roy’s continues its 20-year tradition of providing a great dining experience. Read about (and then go try) our favorite selections!

Since we live in a coastal community and we’ve just entered the annual hurricane season, our Village Connection article offers four exceptional tips on preparing for and weathering a natural disaster. We encourage everyone to take these precautions.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude upon being honored by the Estero Chamber of Commerce, which recognized Estero Life Magazine as its 2019 Business of the Year!…

God Bless America!!

Until next month, remember to

                             Enjoy the Good Life, Estero Life!!


Gary Israel, President & Publisher

Estero Life Magazine

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