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FGCU Student Jordan Paris Lives Life by His Own Rules

Jordan Paris proves age is nothing but a number. The 20-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University marketing major has appeared in “Men’s Health” and published his first book, “Growth Mindset University,” in May. The book, which focuses Growth Mindset University book coveron personal development, took Paris only 29 days to complete.
“Clarity played a huge role,” says Paris. “It’s all about writing down the steps.”
Paris started with about 50 talking points and then wrote the book from there. He spent six-to-10 hours each day working on it — and kept it a secret.
“No one knew I was working on it,” he explains. “All the talking points became my chapters, my headings, my subheadings. Some of them became my principles. It was a huge project, but it’s easy once you lay out the steps.”
Some of the topics in his book include how to invest in yourself, finding your own inspiration and creating your own reality. In the book, Paris consistently preaches that continual growth and development is imperative to designing the life you want.
“I want people to feel empowered and take control of their life,” he says. “Live an active life; don’t live passively.”
He considers writing the book the most defining moment of his career thus far.
“I knew I wanted to do it; I thought maybe within 10 years. I didn’t realize it would be a month later,” Paris says. “On March 18, the thought popped into my head — I didn’t even let myself think. I just started doing it.”
Aside from being an author, Paris is also a entrepreneur, trainer, blogger, podcast host and online coach. In high school, Paris suffered from depression and knew there was only one way out: he had to make the changes himself. He began by reading “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins, which he credits in helping him turn his life around.
“The book gave me power to help direct the flow,” Paris says.
After graduating from high school in 2016, Paris contacted celebrity fitness trainer Steve Jordan about doing an internship at his studio in Los Angeles. Jordan obliged, and Paris ended up spending the summer with him. Jordan is known for training author and motivational speaker Jordan Belfort and actor Tobey Maguire.
“He will forever shine through in my life as a beacon of light. He held the mirror and showed me things I didn’t see,” says Paris.
After the internship, Steve Jordan remained a trusted friend and mentor. The celebrity fitness trainer says he has seen exponential growth in Paris since the time they first met.
“He has grown in his ambition to perform as a health and fitness professional. He has grown spiritually to find more peace and balance,” says his mentor. “His compassion has added value to other people’s lives.”Jordan Paris at FGCU
Jordan adds that Paris is a stand-out among his peers: “He is more mature, wiser and ambitious than kids his own age. He is willing to surround himself with people he finds inspiring to lift himself up, learn and grow. Other kids his age are more worried about partying and doing things that won’t advance their careers.”
After his time in California, Paris launched his online fitness programs. The programs allowed him to reach out to people all over the world. At one point, Paris had 75 people enrolled at once.
Lately, Paris has been focused on revamping his blog. His posts now highlight entrepreneurship, writers, authors, health and philosophy.
“I’m writing for specific groups of people, whereas before, I was writing to everyone,” he explains.
As a student at FGCU, Paris was involved with the cheerleading team for two years. He also served as president of his residence hall during his first two years of college. Currently, he is involved in a fraternity.
Once Paris graduates from FGCU, he plans on traveling and writing more.
“It’s all I want to do,” he says.

Jordan Paris’ Top 3 Principles for Life

1. Don’t go with the flow; direct the flow. Don’t make a living; design a life.
2. Live to learn. Grow to give.
3. Start viewing setbacks as setups and trouble as transportation.

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