The Village of Estero held a series of workshops and public hearings to discuss the creation of its first land development code. The resulting 539-page document is significant because sets the standards for the community’s future development and redevelopment.

What is the Land Development Code?

The Land Development Code (LDC) is the adopted law of the Village of Estero that regulates land use, growth and development. It divides the Village into different zoning districts. Regulations for the various zones govern the types of uses and the location and size of development within each zoning district. The LDC also includes procedures for how development proposals are reviewed.

Why is it important?

This comprehensive document includes community standards for architecture, landscaping, zoning, open space, sidewalks, bicycle/pedestrian improvements, traffic, stormwater and other items which aim to provide a high quality of life in Estero. Standards govern the quality and form of all new development and redevelopment, such as standards for parking, landscaping, building location and architectural design.

By state law, every municipality is required to have an LDC to govern development within its jurisdiction.

How was Esteros LDC developed?

Since its incorporation in 2014, the Village of Estero has used the Lee County Land Development Code as its transitional LDC. However, with the new comprehensive plan for Estero becoming effective in November 2019, the communitys collective vision has been defined.

The updated LDC will be specific to Estero and will implement the policy direction indicated in the comprehensive plan. Esteros LDC will also ensure the Villages development regulations are modernized and aligned with contemporary zoning best practices.

Village consultants Clarion Associates and Johnson Engineering conducted a series of workshops and public hearings. The public was invited to attend and give input, either in person or virtually, at 13 meetings of the Village Council, Design Review Board and the Planning and Zoning Board.

Esteros new LDC was adopted by Village Council last month and may be viewed on the Village of Estero website at


Estero zoning map

Estero zoning map


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