When I was younger, I can remember how long and hot the month of August always seemed as I eagerly waited for the start of a new school year. These days, schools start much earlier. All four Lee County public schools, FGCU and FSW begin classes this month.

While those with children scramble to get the school supplies and look for bargains on the newest tech, the rest of us are riding out the dog days of summer. Why do we so often say that when referring to the hottest part of the summer from early July to late August? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it refers to the sun’s positioning in the same region as the “dog star” Sirius, part of the constellation Canis Major (Greater Dog).

As a diversion to the heat, this month’s magazine offers several great reads, each reminding us of why it’s so wonderful to be a part of the Estero community — regardless of the weather!

The Estero High School football team has been practicing in the summer heaGary Israel, President & Publisher Estero Life Magazinet for quite some time. And things this year are already different. Head Coach Darren Nelson and his staff are instilling a new “culture” into the program, growing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each player. We invite everyone, even if you don’t have kids in school, to come out and support their efforts. First home game is August 23.

Another super program we highlight this month involves every K-12 public school in Estero: the Junior Achievement Economic Literacy Initiative known as “2-5-8-Graduate!” This past school year, the highly successful program produced 328 JA classes, involving more than 1,300 students. We hope you will be inspired to join in volunteering this coming school year, as we know you would find it inspiring and rewarding. Details on how to get involved are included.

The summer months are the perfect time to change things up a little and try something different. Especially when it comes to food. Instead of our usual fine dining feature, we are spotlighting some casual eateries in our area that may be new to many of you: FK Your Diet, Naples Flatbread Estero and #getfried Fry Café. Each is unique and has a meaningful backstory as a guiding principle. And all offer menu items that are quick, fairly-priced and delicious. Bon Appetit!

And just in case you are already dreaming of a fall vacation, Dr. Phill Morgan offers us a destination suggestion. He treats us to another of his travel commentaries with his customary majestic photography: “The Spectacular West!”

In every season, there is so much happening around our community, it is sometimes a challenge to find space to tell all the good news. That’s why we invented “Snippets of Success” to capture the highlights of many of these worthy people, places and activities.

And lastly, what would Estero Life Magazine be without our Best Bets, Village Connection and LJ’s Corner?

Here’s to riding out the “dog days of summer” and ringing in the start of a new school year.

Until next month, remember to
Enjoy the Good Life: Estero Life!

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