Estero Becomes Hotbed for Gourmet Cookie Shops


By D.K.Christi


If you have insomnia and crave chocolate chip cookies at midnight, an imaginary triangle line through University Village, Estero Town Commons and Miromar Outlets fills the town with fresh-baked sweet sensations to satisfy cravings whenever they strike. Insomnia Cookies, Chip Cookies and Crave Cookies offer delicious options for gourmet cookie indulgence.


Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies brownie with ice cream

Insomnia Cookies Brownie with Ice Cream

“Warm, delicious and delivered” is the motto for Insomnia cookies. Founder Seth Berkowitz began baking and selling cookies from his University of Pennsylvania dorm room to satisfy late-night cookie cravings. Today, Insomnia’s Estero location is among 200 stores nationwide. It’s just south of Florida Gulf Coast University in the University Village Shops (19800 Village Drive, Suite 230-B).

“We usually locate near campuses, ready for that late-night delivery to students studying for exams,” said District Manager Mary Hart.

Open as late as 3 a.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and 1 a.m. the rest of the week, Insomnia serves up warm cookies — accompanied by cold, specialty ice cream — either in store or delivered.

“Our custom ice creams contain our cookies,” said Hart. “While Chocolate Chunk is the favorite across all stores, my personal favorite, Peanut Butter Chip, is even on my business card.”

Cookies, Wiches (ice cream sandwiches), Dippers and cookie cakes may be ordered at the Insomnia website:


Chip Cookies

Amanda Arrington, a local resident, baker and mom of six children, filled her perfect chocolate chip cookie quest by opening a Chip Cookies franchise at Estero Town Commons (10171 Estero Town Commons Place, Unit 305). Her search led

her and her spouse to Salt Lake City — Chip Cookies headquarters. They flew home with a Chip franchise agreement, and Arrington started baking.

“We have a standard four flavors, which are the OG Chocolate Chip, Biscoff Chip, Sugar Chip and the SW Chip, which is a cookie with semi-sweet chocolate wafers and topped with sea salt,” said Arrington, who is usually at the cookie shop where one of her children might be folding boxes.

Putting icing on cookies at Chip

Putting icing on cookies at Chip

She taste-tested many cookie brands, but Chip won out.

“I particularly liked the owners’ attention to details that we reflect in our store,” Arrington said. “I identified with and liked the family story of the brand’s origination — cookie cravings during a pregnancy.”

Standard flavors give customers continuity for weekly purchases. Weekly rotating cookie flavors and the Chip cookie bar add to the tasty adventure. Cookie choices are extended and personalized at the cookie bar by adding custom flavors and toppings that also rotate depending on the cookie flavor. Vanilla ice cream is available for those who like warm, gooey cookies with cold, sweet ice cream.

“Fresh baked cookies are fun for our family — and fun for customers too,” said Arrington.

The company website ( has information for ordering cookie cakes to sweeten special occasions.


Crave Cookies

“Life is uncertain — our weekly menu change isn’t,” said Brandon Webb, co-owner of the Estero Crave Cookies franchise with his wife, Brittany. “At Crave Cookies, every Friday comes with a new lineup of six unforgettable flavors and a fresh excuse to forget your diet.

“Think of it as self-care with icing on top — because we’re all about that sweet, sweet balance.”

Crave owners Brandon and Brittany Webb

Crave owners Brandon and Brittany Webb

The Crave franchise also originated in Salt Lake City, where the Webbs previously resided. They vacationed in Southwest Florida and wanted to pursue a career that would allow them to raise their family in Estero. They now operate three Crave Cookies locations, with Estero being the first to open.

Crave’s Loaded Soda bar follows a trend toward “dirty soda,” an indulgent drink with choice of soda, flavored syrups, fruit purees and other ingredients. The

creative result may pair with any of the 130 cookie flavors that rotate weekly, such as Banana Cream Pie or Reese’s PB Explosion.

These large cookies are shareable. Popular flavors Campfire S’mores and Award Winning Chocolate Chip are also available as giant, pan-sized cookies. Cookie cakes and custom decorations for community events round out the business. Find more information on the Crave website: Crave Cookies is located near Miromar Outlets’ north corner (19517 Highland Oaks Dr., unit 502).


Sweet temptations abound in Estero with warm cookies delivered as late as 3 a.m., individualized cookie bar creations and flavorful loaded sodas. Treat yourself to a uniquely indulgent experience at each of the three cookie shops in Estero.

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