Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® (B.E.R.) Young Professionals Network and Leadership Academy came together on Tuesday, November 27 to host Trivia & Tacos for Teachers to raise money for local Lee County teachers and the Estero Education Initiative. When presented with the opportunity to sponsor a teacher at Pinewoods Elementary, the committees decided to make it an event that would benefit not only the chosen teacher, Diane Arizmendi, but the Lee County education community as well. The first-annual event raised close to $1,800 to benefit the initiative and Diane’s classroom, including school supply donations.

The Estero Education Initiative is “established to create a partnership between the Village of Estero and the Lee County School District to help make the schools in Estero the best they can be,” according to Nick Batos, former Mayor of Estero. The initiative is a volunteer-run program and is funded through donations from residents and businesses. The initiative itself states that “It is the goal of the Estero Educational Initiative to create a public/private partnership between the Village of Estero and the Lee County School District, businesses, civic organizations, residents, parents and school staff to work together to encourage volunteerism in our schools and to raise funds to improve educational, recreational and esthetic experiences in our schools.”

The event took place on a Tuesday at Momentum Brewhouse and over 40 members were in attendance. Rachel Rango, YPN Chair, noted that “it was such an incredible experience to see the B.E.R. members come together in support of local teachers and the education community. People do not always realize how much teachers must reach in to their own pockets to provide their students with the best possible learning experience. These children are the future; what we invest in them now will only determine how successful they will become. We look forward to making this an annual event.”


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