Can we have our share of heat and humidity here? Oh yes, for sure. Are we still subject to the possibility of hurricanes? Of course! But here in Estero, most of us choose to make the best of it and seize the momentum that begins this month. It is much, much more than just trying to navigate from one AC environment to the next. Heat and humidity don’t deter those of us who moved to Florida for the right reasons.
In the midst of baseball rainouts, soggy golf greens and mosquitos, there are still many positives about the middle of summer. Although the differences between high and low seasons grow less and less each year, it is still slightly easier to navigate our roads, make dinner reservations at your favorite dining location, or find an open spot on the beach. We can all pretty much do what we enjoy without a hassle — everything from kayaking on the Estero River to enjoying the Everglades Wonder Gardens or the Naples Zoo and grabbing a hot dog and beer at a Miracle Baseball game.
August also marks the beginning of classes for Lee County schools (that sound you hear is parents applauding!). And how invigorating is the high energy of our local college students at Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College.
This year there is a little bit extra near FGCU that all of us can enjoy. Our cover story gives an inside look at the new University Village which has been emerging for the last couple of months. This unique combination of student housing, retail and dining will add some delicious options to our local scene, both trendy and practical.
One of the hottest trends in recent years is the interest in DNA testing to trace our heritage and find out who we really are. Imagine being able to trace your grandparents’ original honeymoon journey. Enjoy our story of Estero resident Nancy McCrory as she goes from growing up an adopted, only child to discovering an entire “‘family tree” she never knew existed. If you enjoy happy endings, you will find “Her Irish Eyes Are Smiling” to be both interesting and uplifting.
As we begin to reach the midpoint of our hurricane season, the Estero Village Council is making available a Village Outreach program including Emergency Alerts. Learn all of the details in this month’s Village Connection. Let’s all be safe this season!!!
Our dining feature introduces you to a new, modern and eclectic steakhouse, Dorona, named for the vintage Dorona grapes of the home region for Chef-owner Fabrizio Aielli. This is certainly a dining experience you won’t soon forget.
Just in time for the BBQ season, we offer you a special recipe from award-winning teenage chef Taylor Sanders. Why not give it a try this summer and let us know what you think?
To round out summer dining, we once again offer our quarterly wine entry featuring the wines of Mendoza, Argentina.
And what would Estero Life Magazine be without our Best Bets, Village Life, Happenings and Scene on Site pages?

As always, remember to Enjoy the Good Life…Estero Life!

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