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“It’s hard to go somewhere in the U.S. and get real homemade food,” says Raizza Rouillon, co-owner of A Taste of Peru, one of five Aji Limon restaurants owned by the Rouillon family. Aji Limon prides itself on gifting its customers with authentic Peruvian food in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The Rouillon family consists of first-generation Peruvians who originally resided in Huaraz, Peru, a gorgeous city located in Peru’s northern Callejón de Huaylas valley. Founder of Aji Limon, Jorge Rouillon, entered the restaurant business in the mountains of Peru. He developed his passion for cooking at a young age.

“It was always inside of him,” says daughter Raizza. “He loved to cook, and when he opened his restaurant, his mom was always there helping him.”

Taste of PeruFor over 18 years, Jorge owned La Estacion, a Peruvian eatery which catered to tourists. His desire to share his love of authentic Peruvian food with people of other cultures prompted him to move to the United States in 2001. After living and working in restaurants in New Jersey for a few years, Jorge moved to Fort Myers, where he became a cook for Peruvian restaurant El Patio.

In 2010, a restaurant was being sold on the north side of Cape Coral. Jorge bought the building, his family immigrated from Peru, and Aji Limon was born. The Peruvian restaurant’s easygoing vibe and traditional recipes made it stand out from other local dining options, so it soon expanded. Today, Aji Limon has restaurants in Cape Coral, Naples and Bonita Springs, and while all locations capture the same essence, they each have something unique to offer. 

While experiencing A Taste of Peru, guests can expect a homey atmosphere featuring impeccable customer service and exquisite dishes. The restaurant is almost entirely staffed by the Rouillon family. The owners — Jorge, Raizza and her husband, William — are constantly working to ensure that customers walk away with a great impression of Peruvian culture and cuisine.

A Taste of Peru interior

The menu at Taste of Peru is very diverse. “We have a lot of variety. If you don’t like seafood, we have beef or chicken. If you don’t want meat, we have plenty of vegetarian dishes,” says Raizza.

Aji Limon uses a combination of local and native Peruvian ingredients to prepare its delicious dishes. The family-style restaurant makes everything in-house, with a few ingredients such as sauces transported from their warehouses.

For the past seven years, Peru has been recognized as the “best culinary destination” at the International Gala of the World Travel Awards. Anyone who comes to eat at A Taste of Peru will immediately recognize why traditional Peruvian food is considered one of the most brilliant and mouth-watering cuisines.


  1. Causa Rellena de Pollo: If you like chicken salad, prepare to be amazed by Causa Rellena de Pollo. Mashed potatoes are stuffed with a delicious chicken salad loaded with a fresh combination of green beans, peas, carrots and corn. Its eye-catching presentation coupled with its mouthwatering taste make this dish an easy favorite.  
  2. Tallarines Verdes Con Lomo Saltado: This flavorful entrée is the Peruvian take on the classic dish, pesto pasta. Green spaghetti is coated with a Peruvian pesto sauce made with a variety of unique ingredients including basil, crackers, and pecans, and topped with perfectly sautéed hunks of beef.
  3. Tres Mares: Tres Mares or “Three Seas” offers the ideal meal for diners interested in experiencing a variety of Peruvian seafood. The 3-in-1 style dish includes Peruvian Paella, a filling yellow rice with mixed seafood; Ceviche, a juicy portion of fish and seafood marinated in lime and onion; and Jalea, a mixed seafood dish deep-fried and breaded to a perfect crisp.
  4. Anticuchos de Corazón: Experience a traditional Peruvian dish that traces back to the Incan Empire: beef heart skewers. Chunks of beef heart are precisely roasted to a meaty perfection and served with sliced potatoes, corn and a tangy dipping sauce.
  5. Picarones: Taste of Peru offers many delectable desserts. Our favorite was Picarones, savory fried donuts crafted into a culinary delight with squash and sweet potato. The tasty treat is coated in a sweet syrup made from oranges, figs and cinnamon.
  6. Alfajores: Another favorite on the dessert menu is Alfajores, traditional Peruvian cookies packed with a dulce de leche filling and sprinkled with powdered sugar. These smooth, crumbly cookies are beautiful and delicious.

Aji Limon A Taste of Peru
26455 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs

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