As we begin 2019, Estero residents can look forward to significant public projects to come. In the year ahead, the Village will resurface and provide substantial landscaping to Estero Parkway and install landscaping on U.S. 41. Additionally, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will begin improvements to the I-75 interchange at Corkscrew Road. Details of these exciting road improvements are below.

Estero Parkway

Estero Parkway

This long anticipated project will take place in 2019, with the Village resurfacing the roadway, adding a bike lane, widening the pedestrian sidewalk (and moving this away from the roadway), and installing significant landscaping in the median and on the edge of the road. This will be a considerable enhancement of the road and will serve as a model for future road improvement projects throughout the Village.


US 41 existing landscape

US 41-Conceptual Plan

U.S. 41

The Village will install landscaping in the median of U.S. 41 throughout the Estero portion of this road. A combination of existing trees and new shrubbery will create a colorful scene for residents as they drive through the Village. This improvement will be completed with Village funds, which will be reimbursed by FDOT.


FDOT Illustration

I-75 Interchange at Corkscrew Road

The Florida Department of Transportation will begin installation of an additional turn lane onto I-75 from Corkscrew Road, as well as lengthening of the storage lanes. These changes will reduce traffic backups along Corkscrew Road during peak hours, which is a primary traffic concern for Estero residents. This construction will begin in 2019 and will continue for one year, with completion scheduled to occur in 2020.


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